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Operating for nearly 10 years.

Holistic Healing Choices was started By Robert and Jean in 2013, with a mission to deliver and facilitate a whole body approach to health as well as looking at the emotional and biochemical aspects to make a complete holistic approach to health and well being. with the aim to educate and empower people so that they are getting the absolute most and best out of life.

About Robert

Robert, or Rob, has a commitment to empower people and has a special interest in changing the mindset of people to leave all the stuff behind to live a life they can truly love. Rob also has a keen interest about how the body works and the mechanics involved as well as a the mind body connection. he loves exploring different ways to achieve complete health which carries over to his martial arts studies.

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About Jean

Jean has had a mission for greater health for everyone for over 10 years now, ever since she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. When all she got from doctors was that she would have to ‘let it pass’ or ‘learn to live with it’, she turned to alternative therapies to help. When reading a Good Health magazine one day she discovered the MORA with an article that was similar to her current condition. Then it was a trip to the practitioner and she has never looked back since, including massage and Reiki, among other therapies to her repertoire.